Nutrition Coaching with Perri, CNTP

Hello hello, thanks for dropping in! You may have found your way here because you are also passionate about the power of real food, or are curious to learn more about how making nutrition a priority can change your life. After all, the food we eat and its impact on the human body is complex! It involves much more than making sure you have a few food groups on your plate, while also understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. I provide individualized nutrition coaching based on one’s personal health goals and bioindividual needs using a holistic, scientifically-based approach to wellness.

Here are just a few symptoms that can likely be linked to what you are eating. It’s saddening to think that many people accept these physiological responses as a part of their daily lives (what?!).

  • chronic fatigue or brain fog
  • gas and bloating
  • irregularity
  • excess weight
  • blood sugar issues
  • heart burn/GERD
  • acne or other skin problems
  • eczema
  • joint pain or arthritis
  • depression and mood swings

Here is the good news.. you do not have to experience life in this way because each of these symptoms may be eliminated or dramatically improved by making simple, conscious changes to your diet. The human body was designed to feel well, thus when fed the best form of energy, it thrives. YOU deserve to feel amazing! Let’s talk about the steps you can take to move through life with a happy mind and healthy body!

Disclaimer: Though unable to prescribe medications I shall work to compliment and assist with a physician’s diagnostic capabilities and recommendations for appropriate medical management of your specific conditions. Nutrition therapy should be viewed as an additional resource utilized for the purposes of honing in on your bioindividual needs to assure comprehensive care goals are met and exceeded. This is not, in any way, intended to override medical opinions and respective treatment advice. Nonetheless, it is based upon sound data that integrates allopathic and naturopathic approaches to wellness.