21 Day Sugar Detox

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Sometimes that pan of warm brownies feels impossible to resist. You try to have just one, several minutes go by and you realize you’ve eaten… well, let’s not go there. Thirty minutes later you feel tired, bloated and guilty – none of which are good feelings. You CAN get back in control! Let me teach you how to using REAL FOOD! This 3 week program was designed to help you fight off that hangry monster, balance blood sugar and control sugar cravings. Upon completion, you will not only learn about how to properly fuel your body, but will likely see changes in your mental clarity, mood, physical energy, sleep… hey, you may even lose a few pounds! Most importantly, you will have spent 21 days developing lifestyle patterns that will positively impact your overall health and relationship with food, REAL, NUTRIENT DENSE, WHOLE FOOD. My job as a coach is to educate, motivate and support you through your journey as you find food freedom!

Quick Start Guide: An easy-to-read guide to get you started on your breakup with sugar. This will walk you through exactly how to determine what level (1-3) best suits you. It includes “Yes/No” food lists so you know what to eat while completing the program, tips and eating out, energy modifications and 21DSD approved recipes.

Professional Support: 21 days of unlimited online support from me, a certified holistic nutritionist!

Accountability: Exclusive access to a special 21 DSD Facebook Group. This is HUGE as is it provides tremendous accountability! You’ll have the opportunity to share thoughts, experiences, struggles (I never said it would be easy) and more with other participants in the program. You’ll also see daily tips, tricks, recipe ideas and  learn what to expect!

Discounted Services: All participants will receive a special one-time use 20% off promo code for any additional nutrition therapy services with NutritionTalk.

***21 DSD Coaching can only be purchase IN ADDITION to one of the programs listed below.

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By clicking the link above, you may sign up for the Basic, Plus or Premium Packages. The 21DSD Online + Coaching & Support Group option may be purchased individually or in combination with another package. To sign up, simply follow the links provided on each package description! Not sure which route to take? Email me with any questions you might have.

Can’t join us this month? Not to worry.. you will have an opportunity to sign up with another group on the first Monday of every month (unless a holiday). Follow me on Instagram at @nutritiontalkllc to stay up to date on the latest news!