About Me


Hi! My name is Perri and I am extremely excited to join you on your journey to wellness. I am a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP) and acquired my nutrition education from Nutrition Therapy Institute here in Denver, CO. I moved to Colorado in 2015 from Richmond, VA. where I spent most of my adult life. I currently hold a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) and have been practicing as a pediatric speech therapist since 2010. I have experience in various settings including home-health, public schools and a private outpatient clinic. Included within my SLP scope of practice, I also work closely with families who have children with diagnosed oral motor delays, swallowing disorders, sensory aversions to food and picky eating. I have additional certifications in The SOFFI Method and SOS Approach to Feeding which are valuable components to my practice.

The holistic approach to living has interested me for over 10 years when I began my own journey to better health. Having an autoimmune disease, I have experienced first hand, how changing your diet and lifestyle can positively impact one’s physical health and brighten one’s spirit. My approach to wellness is a balanced one that includes a healthful diet with moderate movement and making time for myself. I firmly stand by the principles and power of whole food, but also understand the importance of social pleasures (and pressures), and therefor allow myself permission to indulge. While I follow a strictly gluten-free diet that includes its fair share of green apples, kale and eggs… I will be the first to admit that chocolate, red wine and Taco Tuesdays are just as important to my happiness and success. That being said, it’s easy to go overboard with anything in life, so I am constantly reminding myself:

Stay focused.

Appreciate everything.

Believe in your abilities. 

My Approach

Deep gut healing and nourishment does not happen overnight. You must be willing to trust the process and prepared to put in the time. The goal is to welcome change, learn what works best for your body, and implement it daily on a daily basis so that it becomes a lifestyle. Making nutrition a priority is the foundation to a happy body and positive mind, but ultimately you are the one that needs to embrace and take accountability for this process.

My goal is to help you feel better. I am here to aid you in identifying the potential underlying causes of why you may not feel your best, and then serve as your health coach to help you get to the next level. My approach includes utilizing the power of real foods combined with simple lifestyle changes that are sustainable! Small changes overtime have big impacts. Let’s work together so we can find your best self, starting with what you put inside!